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Job Openings


 GaDOE Positions

Announcement / PositionJob TitleDeadline
15-110/00207120, (state-funded)Systems Analyst 2-Applications Quality Assurance (Financial Applications)Until Filled
15-93 *UPDATED*/00207105, (state-funded)Systems Analyst 3 – .Net DeveloperUntil Filled
15-94/00206464 , (federal-funded)Systems Analyst 3 – .Net DeveloperUntil Filled
16-08/00209179, (state-funded)Education Research & Evaluation Specialist-TLE (School Improvement)Until Filled
16-14 *Repost*/00054865 (state-funded)Measurement Program Manager (Assessment Research & Development) Until Filled
16-18/00207445, (state-funded)Education Program Specialist 4 - (English Language Arts)Until Filled
16-49/00210375, (state-funded)Accounting Manager I (Accounting Services)Until Filled
16-59/00185698, 00202062 & 00202068, (state & federal-funded)School Effectiveness Specialist (South Georgia Region)Until Filled
16-64/00055803 (federally-funded)Education Program Specialist-Georgia Online IEP (Special Education)Until Filled
16-67/00184495, (federally-funded)Migrant Education Resource Specialist (Cook County)Until Filled
16-68/00179069, (federally-funded)Education Program Specialist- Title IIA (School Improvement)Until Filled
16-73/00202049, (federally-funded)School Effectiveness Specialist Until Filled
16-74/00207442, (state-funded)Mathematics Program Specialist (Curriuculum & Instruction)Until Filled
16-75/00187779, (federally-funded)PBIS Program Specialist (Special Education Supports)Until Filled
16-76/00184491, (federally-funded)Migrant Education Resource SpecialistUntil Filled
16-79/00208343 (Federal Funded)Accountant I-School Nutrition (Accounting Services) Until Filled
16-80/00207443, (state-funded)STEM/STEAM Education Program Specialist (Curriculum & InstructionUntil Filled
16-81/0054805, (Federally-funded)Migrant Education Program Manager- Title I, Part C Until Filled
16-82/00180874 (state-funded)Administrative Assistant II (Teacher & Leader Effectiveness)Until Filled
16-83/00194029 (state-funded)Administrative Assistant II (Charter Schools)Until Filled
16-84/00209505, (federal-funded)Online Education Research & Evaluation Specialist (School Nutrition)Until Filled
16-85/00184594, (state-funded)Accountant II (Accounting Services)Until Filled
16-87/00055016, (federally-funded)Accounting Manager II (Finance and Budget) – School NutritionUntil Filled
16-88/00055096, (state-funded)Director of Assessment (Assessment & Accountability)Until Filled
16-89/00054890, (state-funded) Testing/Assessment Specialist 1 or 2 (Test Development– ELA/Social Studies)Until Filled
16-90/00203395, (state-funded)Testing/Assessment Specialist 1 or 2 (Test Development – Mathematics/Science)Until Filled
16-91/00054466, (state-funded)Education Program Specialist- World Languages & Global Workforce Initiatives (Curriculum & Instruction)Until Filled
16-92/00054462, (state-funded)Science Education Program Specialist- (Curriculum & Instruction)Until Filled

 State Charter School Commission Positions

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 Georgia Foundation for Public Education

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