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 GKIDS 2.0 Training

The GKIDS 2.0 Teacher Training Course is now available via SLDS!
Optional Teacher Training Checklist

The teacher training course consists of a series of short training modules, including topics such as: 

  • Overview of GKIDS 2.0 (~10 minutes)
  • GKIDS 2.0 Data Collection Platform
    • ​General Navigation (~3 minutes)
    • Adding Students (~3 minutes)
    • Release and Acquire (~3 minutes)
    • Entering Student Performance Data: Readiness Check (~3 minutes)
    • Entering Student Performance Data: Progressions (~4 minutes)
    • Readiness Check Reports (~5 minutes)
    • Progression Reports (~6 minutes)
  • English Language Arts
    • Phonemic Awareness (~10 minutes)
    • Phonics (~5 minutes)
    • High-Frequency Words (~5 minutes)
    • Comprehension (~13 minutes)
    • Writing (~12 minutes)
  • Mathematics
    • Shapes (~7 minutes)
    • Counting - Number (~5 minutes)
    • Counting - Objects (~6 minutes)
    • Compare (~7 minutes)
    • Addition & Subtraction (~8 minutes)
  • Science (~6 minutes)
  • Social Studies (~4 minutes)
  • Non-Academic Domains
    • ​Approaches to Learning (~5 minutes)
    • Personal and Social Development (~4 minutes)
    • Motor Skills​​ (~5 minutes)

Districts/schools will have the flexibility to determine the best approach for redelivery via the online modules. 

Training for District and School Leaders
Training sessions were previously provided to prepare district and school leaders for the implementation of GKIDS 2.0. To view a previously scheduled webinar, use the registration links below to access a recording of the session.  

GKIDS Mid-Year Checkpoint & Introduction to GKIDS 2.0


Target Audience: System Test Coordinators and other district-level leaders


Purpose: In conjunction with the Mid-Year Checkpoint, this session will provide an overview of GKIDS 2.0, including the purpose of the assessment and the timeline for implementation. Expectations for the use of the assessment in terms of performance tasks, data collection, and data entry will be shared. Roles and responsibilities of district and school level staff will also be communicated.


Registration link:

Presentation: Introduction to GKIDS 2.0 PowerPoint Slides​​

GKIDS 2.0: Train-the-Trainer Session


Target Audience: District or school leaders responsible for redelivery of training to kindergarten teachers


Purpose: This session will highlight key messages about GKIDS 2.0 and discuss options for the implementation of digital training modules for redelivery of training to kindergarten teachers.


Registration link:

Presentation: Train-the-Trainer Session Powerpoint slides​


Introduction to GKIDS 2.0 Data Collection Platform


Target Audience: District and/or school leaders responsible for uploading student rosters or monitoring/accessing GKIDS 2.0 reports


Purpose: This session will provide a high-level overview of the functionality of the new GKIDS 2.0 platform. Key changes from the existing platform will be highlighted, along with a preview of resources available to aid in the transition to the new platform. Responsibilities of district level staff related to rosters, accounts, access, and support for schools and teachers will be discussed.

Registration link:


Presentation: Data Collection Platform PowerPoint slides​​