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 Career Development


The Georgia Department of Education’s Career Development Initiative will provide the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources for systematic, developmental, and comprehensive career planning for all students in grades K-12. 

Career development is a vital part of one’s educational career and is a school- wide initiative. Individuals define and re-define career-related choices and outcomes in a life-long process. In gener​al labor trends indicate that many workers will change jobs an average of 7-10 times in their career, will work in teams, and will need more education and training to be competitive in their selected field. Therefore, this process will be used repeatedly in one’s work career. Educators in Georgia are responsible for providing the tools, knowledge and resources that young people along with their parents need to make these critical education and career-related decisions.

The Georgia Department of Education’s (GaDOE) career development initiative has selected as its framework the National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG). The framework identifies three major domains aligned with goals and indicators to represent the knowledge, skills and attitudes people need to be successful in the world of work. Each indicator is presented in three learning stages (Knowledge Acquisition, Application and Reflection) derived from Bloom’s Taxonomy. The following list represents the three major domains:

  1. Personal Social Development Domain - Students are provided the knowledge, tools, and resources to develop an understanding self and one’s relationship to others.
  2. Educational Achievement and Lifelong Learning Domain - Students are provided the knowledge, tools, and resources to reach their education and career goals in a diverse and ever-changing economy.
  3. Career Management Domain - Students are provided the knowledge, tools, and resources to create and implement a plan of action to reach their educational and career goals.

Key Career Components

The GaDOE has identified key components in an exemplary career development program in grades 6 through 12. These key components are:

  1. Career-related assessments
  2. Local school career centers
  3. Student education and career portfolio
  4. (IGP) Georgia Career Pathways: Individual Graduation Plan / Plan of Study
  5. (WBL) Career-Related Activities including work-based learning


Georgia Department of Labor, a state web site for obtaining local labor market information

Bureau of Statistics, a national web site with current labor market statistics

Occupation Supply and Demand - a career web site with information regarding high-wage, high-demand and high-skilled occupations in Georgia.

 Contact Information

Sheila McKeehan
Program Manager 
Career, Technical and Agricultural Education
Phone: 404-548-5475

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