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Career Technical Instruction Support Services

The Career Technical Instruction support services are designed to support students with disabilities that are enrolled in career, technical and agricultural education courses. The goal of the secondary (grades 9-12) level support services is to provide these students with skills required for employment opportunities at the completion of their career, technical and agricultural experience.

The role of the CTI Coordinator is to provide resource assistance to students with disabilities served under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) in the Career, Technical, and Agricultural courses and to coordinate services needed for the learner to acquire his/her goals in the pursuit of postsecondary outcomes.


  • Provide support services to students with disabilities enrolled in Career, Technical, and Agricultural courses.
  • Assist students to acquire skills through a Career, Technical & Agricultural transition educational plan.
  • Coordinate students’ career pathway with short and long-range career goals through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
  • Participate in the development of the transition section of an IEP.
  • Provide work-based learning experiences.
  • Maintain and document progress from school to career, including plans for postsecondary training

Coordinated Career Academic Education /Project Success Support Services (CCAE/PS)

The CCAE/PS mission is to provide educational and occupational services and to assist students in becoming responsible and productive citizens. Through participation in the CCAE/PS support services, students in grades 9-12 learn about the world of work and employment skills they needed to be successful in the workplace.


  • Prepare students for gainful employment
  • Prepare students to be responsible employees for business and industry
  • Develop a well-rounded program for the transition of students from high school to postsecondary opportunities
  • Assist students to focus on civic, social, and moral responsibilities needed in the work place

Career Technical Instruction (CTI) Leadership

The focus of the Career Technical Instruction (CTI) Youth Leadership Development component is to provide high-quality interactive activities for students with disabilities, who are enrolled in Career, Technical and Agricultural courses. State leadership conferences are provided for students to display their skills and abilities. The leadership conferences often reward students who demonstrate the greatest improvement in their CTAE courses.


  • Provide students with opportunities for cultural growth and personal development
  • Assist in improving students' self-confidence and sense of self-worth
  • Provide experiences that are not otherwise available to students with disabilities

Visit the CTI website:

Georgia CTSO Leadership

Through participation in the Georgia Career & Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs), students learn about the world of work and the employment skills needed to be successful in the workplace. Georgia CTSOs provide students the opportunity to sharpen skills learned in their career and technical education classes. In addition, students experience work-related activities that assist them in their planning for postsecondary opportunities.

Georgia Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO) website:

Professional Organizations

ACTE - Association for Career and Technical Education (National)

GACTE - Georgia Association for Career & Technical Education (State)

GAVESNP – Georgia Association Vocational Education Special Needs Personnel (Local Affiliate)

The purpose of the Georgia Association of Vocational Education Special Needs Personnel (GAVESNP) is to promote interest and develop quality in all phases of education for special populations. The organization encourages professional growth and cooperative interaction among all individual groups involved in special populations; and works for favorable legislation, working with parent organizations& to maintain active state Career and Technical Education leadership.

Work–Based Learning

  • Develop and disseminate work-based learning objectives to all appropriate support programs using C-Net
  • Provide related activities in the support programs that promote understanding of career development
  • Provide updated web page for training, planning, and developmental program opportunities in all related services
  • Implement Georgia Board of Education-approved standards

Professional Development

  • Update teachers on current trends in selected areas pertaining to program interest
  • Provide staff development for teachers in the development of instructional strategies for special education students
  • Provide a network of resources for statewide opportunities for teachers and students
  • Provide professional development activities for programmatic updates

 Contact Information

Paula Poulicek
Program Specialist, Career, Technical and Agricultural Education
Phone: (404) 656-3042