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 Math and Science Partnership

The Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) program strives to improve teacher quality through partnerships between state education agencies, institutions of higher education, high-need local education agencies, and schools  to increase the academic achievement of students in mathematics and science. The MSP program is a formula grant program to the states, with the size of individual state awards based on student population and poverty rates. With these funds, Georgia is responsible for administering a competition in which grants are made to partnerships to improve the content knowledge and teaching skills of K-12th grade mathematics and science teachers.  The funding is used to provide professional learning for mathematics and science teachers. 

Public Notice of Request for Tydings Waiver

Resources for Those Seeking Additional MSP Program Information

The resources provided below may be helpful to those who would like more information about the MSP Program.

Resources for Currently-Funded MSP Projects

Active members of the Georgia MSP leadership team who are currently directing MSP projects in Georgia may find the resources below to be helpful.  



 Contact Information

Amanda  Buice​

Program Manager, Science

​Math Science Partnership (MSP)

Telephone:  (404) 675-8319