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The Literacy for Learning, Living and Leading in Georgia (L4GA) Grant


The Literacy for Learning, Living and Leading in Georgia (L4GA) Grant

Georgia Awarded Comprehensive Literacy State Development Grant for L4GA

Georgia will receive a total of $179,174,766 over five years to continue the Literacy for Learning, Living, and Leading in Georgia (L4GA) initiative, which aims to improve literacy outcomes for students from birth through grade 12. Read Georgia’s L4GA  2019 approved grant narrative here​

Introduced by State School Superintendent Richard Woods in 2016, L4GA is a unique approach to improving literacy that pairs community-driven action with research-proven instruction. In its first round, funded by a federal Striving Readers grant of $61.5 million, thirty-eight school districts have partnered with early learning and care providers as well as community organizations to implement community efforts and improve classroom instruction. By working together, schools, early learning providers, and caretakers, and community leaders are moving the needle on literacy – in 2019, third-grade students showed significant gains in English Language Arts and grade-level reading.

Ninety-five percent of Georgia’s award will be competitively awarded to local school districts and their community partners to serve students from birth through grade 12. The sub-awards will take into account the poverty level of a community, the percentage of students reading below grade level, the recent rate of growth in the number of students reading above grade level, and whether a school is identified for support from the Department of Education’s School Improvement team. The competitive sub-award process will be conducted this winter. Current L4GA grantees will be eligible to apply for a second sub-award competition conducted in Spring 2021.

See the full Governor's Office press release here. 

Fall 2017: Georgia was awarded a total of $61,579,800 through the federal Striving Readers grant competition. Ninety-five percent of funds were sub-granted to 38 districts through a state grant competition. These funds are allocated for students in schools within a feeder system (including birth-age 5 childcare providers and elementary, middle, and high schools). 

Map of L4GA Districts​​​
​​​​All awarded districts have community-school partnerships with local organizations, the Regional Education Service Agencies, and teacher preparation programs to collectively improve literacy outcomes. Georgia was awarded the funds from the United States Department of Education based on Georgia's Literacy for Learning, Living and Leading Approved Grant​​.
Click on the map to enlarge and download district grant applications - keep scrolling within district pdfs to beyond page 10. Do not follow links outside of pdfs. 

Evaluation Information:
A crucial part of our L4GA Grant is evaluation. Teams from the Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia State University will be collecting data from L4GA districts to 1) document postive practices and 2) gauge the overal impact of the L4GA Project. Districts must collect student performance and achievement data using the schedule found here. ​​
Annual Outcomes:

L4GA Press: 
L4GA District photos with Superintendent Woods from the Kickoff Event (Athens, June 2018)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

 L4GA Information

Calendly Scheduler for L4GA 2019 Technical Assistance Here

Julie Morrill 
Program Manager, L4GA
Phone: 404-425-2975
Mobile:  706-473-3159 
Meghan Welch, Ph.D
Program Specialist, L4GA


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