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 Coaching Training Videos

Coaching Training Videos is a nine (9) part series presented by Cynde Snider, Georgia DOE Professional Learning Specialist. All nine parts together take less than two hours. It is advantageous to use Parts 1-3 together, Parts 4-5 together, Parts 6-7 together and Parts 8-9 together. 

Several parts have handouts that can be downloaded to use as you view the training.  Each part in the Coaching training succinctly covers the topic for immediate and practical use in your daily challenges in the school or classroom settings, meetings, and even your life.

Part One – Introduction & Overview (Time: 14:48) 

Video | Parts One-Three Handout 

  • Explanation of Training and Usage
  • Anticipation Guide Instructions
  • Share and Compare Anticipation Guide Responses
  • Effects of On-Job/Classroom Coaching
  • Effects of Professional Development
  • Advocate
  • Revisit Anticipation Guide

Part Two – Compare & Contrast Training & Coaching (Time: 11:13) 

Video | Parts One-Three Handout | Part Two  

  • Differences between Training & Coaching
  • Blurred Lines
  • Expert versus Coaching Expert
  • Revisit Anticipation Guide

Part Three – Characteristics of Coaching (Time: 12.26)

Video | Parts One-Three Handout

  • List Five Characteristics of Effective Coaching
  • Explain Characteristics of Effective Coaching
  • Revisit Anticipation Guide

Part Four – Reflective Listening (Time: 11:19)

Video | Parts Four-Five Handout 

  • Operational Definition
  • Components

Part Five – Barriers to Reflective Listening (Time: 08:32)

Video | Parts Four-Five Handout 

  • Four Barriers to Reflective Listening
  • Explaining Reflective Listening Barriers

Part Six – Clarifying Questions (Time: 09:26)

Video | Parts Six-Seven Handout 1 | Parts Six-Seven Handout 2 

  • Compose Clarify Questions
  • Clarifying Questions During Coaching Sessions

Part Seven – Mediative Questions (Time: 13:02)

Video | Parts Six-Seven Handout 1 | Parts Six-Seven Handout 2 

  • Compose Mediative Questions
  • Use During the Coaching Sessions

Part Eight – Praise, Advice & Feedback (Time: 08:55) 


  • Compare & Contrast Praise, Advise, & Feedback
  • What Feedback is and is not

Part Nine – Seven Qualities of Meaningful Feedback (Time: 13:27)


  • List Seven Qualities of Meaningful Feedback
  • Explain Meaningful Feedback



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