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 IEP Webinar Series

This webinar series is divided into five modules with a set of twelve handouts.  Each section of the IEP is discussed in depth with both compliant and non-compliant examples provided.

All of the modules are available in both Blackboard Collaborate Format (that can be viewed through Blackboard) as well as Video (MP4) Format. If you select the Blackboard Collaborate Format, the handout and PowerPoint will be offered to you to download and save during the session.  If you select the Video (MP4) Format, the handout and PowerPoint will not be offered during the session. The PowerPoint for each session is located under each module description.  There is one comprehensive handout available under the webinar series title.

Best Practices in Developing Compliant IEP - Modules 1 - 5 

Module 1 

General Information; Team Member Attendance; Notice of Meeting; Parent Participation; Documentation of Parent Participation; Present Levels of Academic and Functional Performance (PLAAFP): Most Recent Evaluations; State and District Testing; Strengths, Parental Concerns, Impact of the Disability

Module 2 

Present Levels of Academic and Functional Performance (PLAAFP): Needs/Deficits; Curriculum Based Measurement

Module 3 

Measurable Goals; Progress Monitoring; Alignment of Goals and Needs

Module 4 

Student Supports; Accommodations and Alignment of Accommodations with Needs/Deficits; Supplemental Needs and Services; Supports for School Personnel

Module 5 

Consideration of Special Factors; Placements; Extended School Year (Please note…on Slide 1…there is a delay of one and a half minutes before the recording starts. Either wait for the recording to start or move the indicator slightly to the right and the recording will start manually.)  

IEP Webinar Series - Questions & Answers