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Federal and State Authority

Federal Regulation (IDEA):
State Board Rule:​

Transition is the movement from school to post school environments. It should include the skills necessary for the student to be successful in education, employment, and independent living after completion of high school. The student should be involved in the process and decisions for their future and schools should assist students to build student’s self-determination skills to reach their goals.

Below are links to resources for administrators, teachers and support staff to provide for a meaningful transition for all students with disabilities. Should you have questions and/or concerns about transition, please contact the Program Specialist listed in the contacts.

Implementation Manual: Individual Education Program with Transition requirements​

Professional Resources:


 General Information

Wina Low
Program Manager, Senior

Elise James
Programs Specialist, Transition Outcomes, 
Self-Determination Initiatives
Phone: (404) 657-0309
Cell: (404) 326-0421
FAX: (404) 651-6457​​

Laurie Ponsell​
Program Specialist, Transition Compliance
Phone: (470) 303-0516