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 Education and Leader Development Committee

Teacher and leader quality has an enormous impact on student achievement. This committee will examine ways to strengthen the teaching profession and empower and support school leaders. Members will discuss teacher preparation, recruitment, retention, and development and personalized professional learning, and will help define supports on the teaching continuum from first-year teacher to teacher leader.



  • Educator Equity Plan
  • Define teacher leadership; leadership training
  • Title II A
  • Educator Preparation and Development Initiatives



  • Develop feedback questions for stakeholders for feedback sessions throughout the state
  • Discuss stakeholder input, US Department of Education’s (USED) regulations/guidance, focus areas identified by the State Advisory Committee, and working committee-assigned portions of ESSA
  • Coordinate with other working committees to write Georgia’s draft state plan


Georgia’s ESSA Working Committees report to GaDOE’s ESSA Leadership Team throughout the development process. The ESSA Leadership Team will ensure that benchmarks are being met and working committees are coordinating efforts to produce a cohesive draft ESSA State Plan.

The draft ESSA State Plan will be presented to the Advisory Committee for feedback. There will also be a review period for the public, State School Superintendent, State Board of Education, and Governor’s Office.



Month Purpose
July 2016 Charge, Orientation, Overview and committee-specific information
Aug-Oct Stakeholder feedback will be shared with Working Committees as it is received*
Feb-June 2017
Draft ESSA State Plan developed*

Presentation to Advisory Committee
June 2017 Public comment period; Governor, State Board of Education, State School Superintendent review; Overview to the House and Senate Education Committees
July-August 2017
If necessary, reconvene the Advisory Committee to make revisions
September 2017
Submit Georgia’s ESSA State Plan to USED
Note: Timeline and submission date tentative pending guidance from USED; USED must approve state plan no later than 120 days after submission. *Working Committees have the flexibility to meet as needed via- face-to-face or teleconference.


The members of the Education and Leader Development Committee can be found here .