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Math & ELA Standards Process

These efforts, led by the Office of the Governor in partnership with the Georgia Department of Education and State School Superintendent Woods, will address the English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics standards currently known as the Georgia Standards of Excellence. 

We will continue to update this page as the standards process moves forward. 

Survey Results

In July 2019, we released surveys on the Georgia Standards of Excellence for Mathematics and English Language Arts. Both surveys were made available to all stakeholders, including teachers, educational leaders, business/industry, and community members. In total, from July 23 to September 26, nearly 14,000 Georgians completed the math survey and more than 11,000 completed the ELA survey. Results and key findings are below. from their responses are below.
Key Findings from the ELA Survey

Mathematics Results

ELA Results

Review Process

Standards Review Flowchart 5.png

Click on the image to download a high-resolution version.

Citizens Review Committee Update
The Citizens Review Committee is composed of 21 members appointed by the Governor and State School Superintendent, representing parents, students, business leaders, educators, and concerned citizens. The Citizens Review Committee held its first meeting on December 6, 2019. 
Click here for an overview of the meeting.

Updates & Resources
​Overview of Planned Standards Revision Process | Presented to the State Board of Education August 22, 2019
Governor's Office Press Release | Published August 28, 2019
​Presentation on Standards Survey Results | Presented to the State Board of Education September 26, 2019
Update on Citizens Review Committee​ | Presented to the State Board of Education December 12, 2019
Update on Citizens Review & Teacher Working Committees​ | Presented to the State Board of Education February 19, 2020