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Job Title:School Improvement Specialist (School Improvement Grants)
Post Date:September 7, 2012
Apply by:Until Filled
Job ID: 00184215 (federally-funded)
Location:Central Savannah River Area
Program/Unit:Office of School Turnaround
Description of Duties:
In collaboration with the Division of School Improvement Grants and School Turnaround support members and organizations including Regional Educational Services Agencies (RESAs), Educational Technology Centers (ETCs), Georgia Learning Resource System (GLRS) and other agencies, guides, coordinates, and provides onsite school improvement services to identified schools. Duties include, but are not limited to, guiding leaders in developing and sustaining a leadership team that is focused on continuous improvement in order to increase student achievement;  guiding leaders, the leadership team, and collaborative learning teams with the development of structures and processes that support standards-based,  job-embedded,  results-driven professional learning and will assist the School Improvement Specialist in brokering professional learning resources as needed, with emphasis on Thinking Maps, Data Teams, formative assessment and Active Literacy; assisting the leadership team in maximizing the use of Title I School Improvement Grant funds, if applicable; guiding school leaders in creating and sustaining a culture of data-driven decision making; guiding the leadership team and collaborative learning teams in creating school improvement plans that are action  plans with measurable goals; guiding the leadership team and collaborative learning teams with implementing and monitoring the GPS within standards-based classrooms;  facilitating the leadership team and collaborative learning teams’ development, implementation, and continuous monitoring of a formalized system of data-driven intervention(s); assisting the leadership team in continuously assessing progress toward fully-operational high impact practices; guiding leaders in sustaining the school improvement process; guiding the leadership team, collaborative learning teams, and individual teachers (through observation, modeling, and feedback) in best practices that will directly lead to increased academic achievement for individual students and subgroups in relation to AYP targets; guiding the leadership team in interventions to monitor and improve student and teacher attendance; guiding the leadership team in the development of action plans; performing other related duties as assigned by the Lead School Improvement Specialist; attending and participating in Division and Office meetings and activities; and maintaining records (electronic and hard copy) of services provided to assigned school(s) using formats required by the Office of School Turnaround.  Note: This position is funded through a time-limited federal grant and may be filled as one full-time position or as two part-time positions. Travel is required.  
Minimum Qualifications:
Master’s degree in education or education administration and three years of full-time experience in a leadership role in a school, school system, Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA), or state education agency.  Must hold Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) certification.   Note:  Applicant must submit documentation of required certification (i.e., copy of GaPSC certificate or printout from GaPSC website) with resume and cover letter or with application. Applicants will not be considered for interviews if this documentation is not provided.
Preferred Qualifications:
Preference will be given to applicants who, in addition to meeting the minimum qualifications, posses one or more of the following:
• Documented success in improving low achieving schools
• Education Specialist or higher degree
• Leadership experience at the secondary level (middle and/or high school)
• Highly effective interpersonal and group communications skills
• Strong knowledge base of best practices in leadership and standards-based instruction
• Demonstrated success in team building and the school improvement process
• Experience in data analysis and the organization and implementation of major school initiatives
• Experience in working with adult learners
• Strong work ethic, self-directed, and self-motivated
• Knowledge of state and federal guidelines, including the No Child Left Behind Act
Annual salary is $70,000 for a full-time position or $34,000 for a part-time position, commensurate with current employment, training, experience, and available funding.  Benefit options include life, disability, dental and health insurance; annual/sick leave; and Employees’ Retirement or Teachers Retirement.