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 Allocations and Proportionate Share

​​ESSA Equitable Services Requirement: SEA Notice of Allocation 

An SEA must provide notice in a timely manner to appropriate private school officials in the State of the allocation of funds for educational services and other benefits under each ESEA program that an LEA has determined are available for eligible private school children, teachers and other educational personnel, and families. (ESEA sections 1117(a)(4)(C) and 8501(a)(4)(C).)

All information above is quoted from the  Non-Regulatory Guidance: Fiscal Changes And   Equitable Services Requirements Under the Elementary and Secondary Education Action of 1965 *ESEA) As Amended by the Every Student Succeds Act (2015) pges 23-26.

FY20  Allocations and Proportionate Share

FY19  Allocations and Proportionate Share

FY18 Allocations and Proportionate Share