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 Federal Programs


​The mission of Federal Programs is ​to provide technical assistance, program monitoring and resources to local educational agencies (LEA) to ensure that all children have an opportunity to obtain a high quality education and to achieve proficiency on the state's high academic achievement standards.​


Updates from the Division of Federal Programs

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Federal Programs Conference

School Grades Reports

Georgia’s Systems of Continuous Improvement

To learn more about Georgia's Systems of Continuous Improvement, please check out our webinar series​​.

 Federal Programs Webinars
  • FY20 Federal Programs Budget Planning (presentation file; recording)
      • Overarching Budgeting Information Impacting ALL Federal Programs (starts at 0:30:00)
      • Title I, Part A Specific Information (starts at 2:00:00)
      • Title I, Part A Family Engagement Specific Information (starts at 3:00:00)
      • Title III Specific Information (starts at 3:15:00)
      • Title II, Part A Specific Information (starts at 4:30:00)
      • IDEA Specific Information (starts at 5:00:00)
      • Title IV, Part A Specific Information (starts at 5:30:00)
      • Title I, Part C Specific Information (starts at 6:00:00)
      • Title I, Part A School Improvement Specific Information (starts at 6:30:00)
      • Grant Programs Specific Information:  Homeless Education, N&D, REAP, and Foster Care (starts at 6:45:00)​

 Contact Information

Nakeba Rahming, Ed.S.
Deputy Superintendent
Federal Programs
Phone: 404-463-4156
Craig Geers

Associate Superintendent
Federal Programs
Phone: 404-657-1793
John Wight
Federal Programs
Phone: ​404-463-1857
Shaun Owen
Deputy Chief of Staff
Director of Consolidated Federal Initiatives [website​]
State Ombudsman​ [website​]

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 FY20 Year at a Glance


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 Federal Programs Webinar Archive