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 SIG Schools (School Improvement Grant SIG 1003(g) Schools)


  • To award funding to LEAs that demonstrate through their grant applications the strongest commitment and capacity to fully implement the identified model of reform within their Priority school.
  • The 1003(g) School Improvement Grant (SIG) is a competitive multi-year grant that provides funds to LEAs to improve student achievement in selected Priority schools through the implementation of a reform model that is in alignment with the US ED SIG Guidance and Assurances.  

SIG School (School Improvement Grant SIG 1003(g)  Definition

  • Only Priority Schools are eligible to compete for the SIG 1003(g) grant. The awarded schools receive SIG funds 1003(g) to implement a school intervention model
The Georgia Department of Education provides the following:
  •  SIG 1003(g) funds to awarded SIG Schools
  • State professional learning opportunities such as the Instructional Leadership Conference for district and building leaders working in SIG Schools
  • Regional professional learning opportunities that may pertain to the concerns of the SIG Schools 
  • School effectiveness specialists who are available to support the SIG Schools in the implementation of their reform initiatives/school improvement plan, the area(s) of concern highlighted by the school’s CCRPI data, and the school’s plan to use the Title I funding, if applicable.
  • Targeted technical assistance workshops related to the school’s designation as a SIG 1003(g) school.

Sustainability for SIG 1003(g) Cohorts

Implementation and monitoring of a viable sustainability plan is a critical component as SIG 1003(g) schools approach the end of the funded grant period. The emphasis of such a plan is in identifying priority areas for program sustainability while developing goals, objectives, strategies, resources, and action steps. Each school/district receiving SIG 1003(g) funding, is expected to develop a comprehensive Sustainability Plan, which defines elements for continuing the effective components of their grant while utilizing strategies that will ensure the school improvement work continues in subsequent years.  

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