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 Teacher and Leader Induction

GA Induction Virtual Summit 2021 Presentations

  • Summit landing page link 
  • May 6 and May 7, 2021, The Georgia Induction Summit 2021, Soared to New Heights by providing educators a virtual learning experience. Dr. Georgia Evans' Keynote Day 1: Equity Then, Now, Tomorrow? and Dr. PaQuita Morgan's Keynote Day 2: Teacher retention@Induction, Teacher Leadership Exposed as well as twenty-five breakout session presentations and recordings can be accessed on the summit landing link above. 

​​​​​​​​Starting Strong: Teacher Induction

​Teacher and Leader Induction​ G​uidance

The GaDOE defines a high-quality induction program as a comprehensive, coherent, sustainable program that supports not only retention, but also the induction phase leader’s, teacher’s and their mentor’s growth, thereby increasing student learning. The GaDOE Induction Guidance provides a comprehensive, coherent, sustainable induction model for Georgia districts that requires an investment from all stakeholders to ensure leader effectiveness. The purpose of the GaDOE Induction Guidance is to provide Georgia districts and schools guidance in the creation, implementation, and sustainability of high-quality induction programs. Collectively, the domains of the GaDOE Teacher and Leader Induction Guidance provide multiple layers and types of support.
The Teacher and Leader Induction Guidance documents were developed as a component of Georgia’s Race to the Top initiative in 2011–12 by a 50-member P-20 task force. This work was co-facilitated by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission and the Georgia Department of Education. In 2016, a P-20 task force convened to review and provide feedback for revisions and alignment to current initiatives. The document was refreshed in 2017-2018 based on the task force’s recommendations. 

GaDOE Teacher Induction Tools 

  1. New Teacher Center Induction Program Standards (PDF)
  2. New Teacher Center Continuum of Mentoring​ (PDF)
  3. Support from the Start: School Leaders' Guide​ (PDF)
  4. Teacher Induction Fact Sheet 2018 (PDF)
  5. Teacher Induction Guidance 2018​ (PDF)
  6. Teacher Induction Process Cycle (PDF)
  7. Teacher Induction Process Cycle Visual (PDF)
  8. Goal Setting Worksheet​ (Word)
  9. Teacher Implementation Resource Guide 2018​ (PDF)​
  10. Assessing Teacher Induction Program 2018 (PDF)

​Teacher Induction Resources

Equity Support

Program Evaluation

  1. Support From the Start - Program Evaluation​ (PPT)​
  2. Practice Brief - An I​nd​​uction Program Impact Plan​ (PDF)
  3. Reflective Questions to ensure effective Program Evaluation of Teacher Inductio​n Programs (PDF)
  4. Program Evaluation ​Data Examples​ (PDF)​​

Professional Learning Resources

  • Statewide Induction Model (SWIM)Professional Learning Resources to Support Georgia Educators, Pre-service to In-service (complements the Georgia Department of Education Teacher Induction Guidance). ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Mentor Modules (Teacher)​​​
  • HLP Hub​

District Teacher Induction Exemplars

​HLP Induction Professional Learning Series

The East P-20 Induction Collaborative (Augusta University, Paine College, CSRA RESA, GaDOE/TLSD, GaPSC and the CSRA school districts) designed and is piloting a Professional Learning Series to support induction phase teachers and their mentors. 
About the Learning Series:
  • 7 series professional learning highlighting Georgia’s Tiered System of Supports and High-Leverage Practices (HLPs).
  • This series will provide opportunities for induction phase teachers to learn and practice strategies for implementing HLPs within Georgia’s Tiered System of Supports.
  • Content is aligned with Georgia’s Teacher Assessment on Performance Standards (TAPS).
  • Materials are all free and can be personalized to meet district needs. They can be accessed online at
Please contact Dr. Karen Wyler,; GaDOE/TLSD Teacher Induction for additional information, questions and/or comments.
 Induction Professional Learning Resources

2019-2020 Support from the Start:  Induction Webinar Series

 Webinar 3- January 8, 2020
Georgia P-20 Collaboratives 
Establishing and sustaining powerful partnerships that are focused on continuous school improvement ,student growth, and learning through the preparation of candidates and professional development of P-20 educators.​

What are Georgia's P-20 Collabo​ratives?

The Georgia Department of Education, the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, and the University System of Georgia have joined together to establish P-20 Collaboratives: Systems of support to provide a seamless transition for pre-service candidates as they seek to become professional educators, as well as to provide continued professional learning for practicing educators and leaders.​

The state has been divided into nine regions, each region clustered around a group of institutions or agencies that prepares teachers. Each collaborative convenes twice during an academic year. Topics of interest include recruitment and training for future teachers, induction for in-service teachers, support for educational leaders, and professional learning for all. Each regional collaborative has a strategic planning team that plans the collaborative agendas based on needs of the region. ​


How can I get involved? 

Determine the region with which you have partnered with a school system or teacher and/ or leader preparation program and register for the upcoming convening. We look forward to learning with you!

​What are the benefits of School System, University, and RESA partnerships?

​By connecting theory and practice, we have teacher candidates who are better prepared for their roles in the classroom. There is also a shared understanding of P-12 school needs, impacting professional learning for all. Reciprocal relationships that are mutually beneficially for everyone and focused on improving student learning is the heartbeat of P-20 Collaboratives.    

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​​Dr. Kathy Reese

Dr. Karen Wyler