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 Georgia Student Data Privacy, Accessibility, and Transparency Act

Model Policies Created for Local Education Agencies


LEA Supportive Documentation

Directory Information (model notice)
Model Terms of Service 

O.C.G.A. §20-2-667 requires the GaDOE to develop model polices for LEAs that:
1.  Support LEAs in fulfilling their responsibility to annually notify parents of their rights to request student information.
2.  Assist local boards of education with ensuring security when providing student data to parents.
3.  Provide guidance and best practices to LEAs in order to ensure that LEAs provide student data only to authorized individuals.
4.  Support LEAs in their responsibility to produce education records and student data included in such education records to parents and eligible students, ideally within three business days on the request.
5.  Assist schools and LEAs with implementing technologies and programs that allow a parent to view online, download, and transmit data specific to his or her child’s education record.
6.  Provide procedures and policy for parent or eligible student to file a complaint with an LEA regarding possible violation of rights under this or other student data privacy and security laws.


 Contact Information

Levette Williams, Chief Privacy Officer
Technology Services Director